Space Saving Large Vertical Bread Box Bin With Eco Bamboo Cutting Board Lid B01M0GL8

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  • ✅ SUPERIOR STYLE AND FUNCTION. Don't just buy a glorified decoration for your kitchen, buy something that has both form and function. Our Bread Bin is the perfect size for your counter-it holds a lot, but it's not so big that it takes up unnecessary room. You won't believe how the freshness of your bread will hold up! Our Bread Bin can extend the life of your bread by days or even a week, saving you time and money! Holds double most other bread boxes!
  • ✅ USEFUL BAMBOO WOOD CUTTING BOARD LID. Just flip off the lid and carve away, then put the bread right back into the bread Bin. Crumbs will fall into the grooves of the cutting surface and then fall right back into the Bin. No mess, no clean up. The Bin itself is dishwasher safe, while the bamboo lid cleans easily with soap and water.
  • ✅ BUILT TO LAST - Don't just buy another breadBin that might be rickety, flimsy, or sloppy looking. Many roll-top bread Bines have a defective door making it increasingly difficult to open and close. Others just don't hold enough bread! Unlike other bread Bines, ours will not show sticky fingerprints or smudges easily. Our retro-looking bread Bin has sturdy thick metal construction and an attractive original design by a talented graphic artist.
  • ✅ END CRAZY CLUTTER AND CLEAR YOUR COUNTERS - Having all of those loaves and buns laying around just looks messy, even if your kitchen is otherwise sparkling! Not only does our bread Bin organize the endless packages of bread that your family eats, but it's also big enough to stash the open bags of chips. LESS IS MORE when it comes to your kitchen space! dimensions are 13" X 7" X 9.5"
  • ✅ WHY BUY OUR BREADBIN? Have you ever bought bread, only to have it go stale or soggy the very next day? Bread has to BREATHE for the crust to stay crisp. Our Bread Bin features a seal that is not airtight, creating an environment where the moisture from the bread raises the humidity in the Bin, while the air circulation keeps it from getting moist and moldy. Other bread Bins that have a tight seal will leave your bread too soft and doughy, but ours will keep your bread fresh for a long time!
Space Saving Large Vertical Bread Bin With Eco Bamboo Cutting Board Lid

Our Space Saving Bread Bin with Eco Bamboo Cutting Board Lid is perfect for your kitchen!

-Are you tired of your bread getting stale and mouldy seemingly overnight? We were, so we at Cooler Kitchen had our bread Bin designed to let just the right amount of air in and out so that it lets bread breathe and stay just right for a lot longer. We love using our bread Bin here in our home kitchen, and you will too!

- Our bread Bin is spacious enough to hold two loaves of bread, or a variety of chips, cookies, or other snacks conveniently on your counter. It will help you save space and organize your kitchen!

-The stylish yet understated design looks fabulous in any kitchen, and the beautiful graphic feature was illustrated by a talented local graphic designer here in our hometown of New York City.

- A unique additional feature of our bread Bin is the Eco Bamboo Cutting Board Lid. When you take your bread out of the Bin, you won't need to grab an extra cutting board to slice- this lid doubles as a cutting board as well!

- The metal container of the bread Bin is dishwasher safe. The eco bamboo lid washes easily with a bit of warm soap and water.

-Bread Bin Dimensions are dimensions are 13" X 7" X 9.5"

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If, For Whatever Reason, You Don't Absolutely Love Your Bread Bin, Just Return It, And We will Refund Every Penny (Or Replace It, If There Is A Problem).

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Space Saving Large Vertical Bread Box Bin With Eco Bamboo Cutting Board Lid B01M0GL8

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